Medtronic's Liz Carnabuci on the 'care continuum' opportunity

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The recently appointed leader of Medtronic Australia and New Zealand says there is significant potential to focus on the 'care continuum' from prevention to longer-term disease management as a way to improve health outcomes.

Ms Carnabuci joined Medtronic from Becton Dickinson in November last year to lead its regional diabetes division. She recently had the leadership of its Australiasian business added to this existing role.

She said, "We know that diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, are leading causes of death around the world, and that the cost to treat these diseases continues to soar. We also know that Medtronic is making great strides globally to innovate at the therapeutic, procedural, and health system levels to deliver care that's meaningful to patients at an appropriate cost to the healthcare system."

Ms Carnabuci said the company will work with 'partners' across the health system to deliver on the needs of patients and clinicians in Australia and New Zealand.

"In recent years our team has worked within the community to identify opportunities of greatest need and where this work might deliver most value, and I look forward to taking this further in my new role," she said.

"There is great potential in looking across the care continuum — an approach that would include prevention, along with longer-term disease management aimed at reducing costly and life-threatening comorbidities and complications; and in ANZ we are particularly well placed to deliver on this potential.

"There is a strong and continued investment by Medtronic in local clinical trials of new technology and to providing our local clinicians access to the latest in education and training on Medtronic therapies. It means that in ANZ we are often leading adoption of the latest in medtech to improve the health of our population and providing opportunities for local clinicians to advance their learning too," added Ms Carnabuci.