Medibank releases its top private health insurance claims for 2023

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Medibank has released data on its top hospital claims for 2023 and the most expensive claims paid this year.

The company said the highest paid claim was $321,000 for neo-natal services, with a $274,000 claim for tracheostomy the next highest. The third highest was a $258,000 claim for an overseas student.

For the top 20 most expensive hospital claims, Medibank said it paid $4.5 million to customers who required 1,351 days in hospital. Of the top 20 claims, 17 customers spent time in intensive care.

Medibank chief customer officer Milosh Milisavljevic said that while these procedures were the company's most costly for the year, they are an example of why health insurance is important.

"No one expects that their healthcare might cost this much. This is why private health insurance is important, it gives customers peace of mind that they will be supported for the unexpected.

“These claims that Medibank paid for customers represent complex treatments. We were able to support our customers during a very stressful time in their lives, to get the care they needed," said Mr Milisavljevic.

“We want our customers to understand their health insurance and make sure it fits their needs.”

Eight tracheostomies were in the top 20 claims, while neonatal admissions accounted for a quarter of the top claims.