Updated 'approach to market' suggests a delay in planned CGM tender

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An updated approach to market suggests the Albanese Government has delayed its previously announced tender for continuous glucose monitoring products.

In January, the health department issued a planned approach to market process for insulin pumps, consumables supplied through the National Diabetes Services Scheme and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products.

It suggested the 'tender' would proceed in the first half of the calendar year 2023.

It triggered alarm amongst stakeholder groups because it quickly followed last year's implementation of expanded access arrangements for CGM products.

From 1 July last year, all Australians with Type 1 diabetes gained funded access to CGM under a pre-election commitment costed at $273.1 million over four years.

Around 130,000 Australians now access CGM funded under the National Diabetes Services Scheme.

CGM products from three companies are currently funded - Dexcom, Abbott and Medtronic.

However, the latest approach to market indicates that the government may have listened to concerns with the tender now scheduled for the middle of 2024.

Under the National Diabetes Strategy, the federal government has committed to “support consumer involvement in assessment and evaluation of diabetes medicines and devices" and ensure patients are“involved in the ‘co-design of any new initiatives”.