UK preferred supplier status for Australian AI company Artrya

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Australian company Artrya has been accepted onto the UK National Health Service Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Framework as a supplier of artificial intelligence software and platforms.

Under the framework, Artrya is listed among a select, preferred and pre-qualified shortlist of approved suppliers from which various public organisations, including 1,250 NHS hospitals, can commission services.

The framework simplifies the procurement process for clinical commissioning groups that commission services for the hospitals in their geographical area. Artrya said it anticipates the ability to sell into the UK in mid-2022.

The company said only eleven international suppliers were appointed to the framework and its novel technology Salix is the only dedicated coronary artery disease diagnostic support solution that provides an automated, comprehensive report to clinicians within 15 minutes.

"This includes the biomarker understood to be the superior predictor of heart attack, vulnerable plaque. The AI solution allows patients to be triaged by level of risk so they receive personalised care at the right time, which in turn improves workflow efficiencies and clinical outcomes for health systems and clinics," said the company.

Artrya's chief medical officer Professor Girish Dwivedi described the recognition as a preferred supplier.

“This is an international endorsement of Salix’s clinical credentials and testament to the quality of the Salix product and our world-class technical team,” said Professor Dwivedi.

“UK hospitals will have the opportunity to access cutting edge technology, which can detect and localise vulnerable plaques in a patient’s heart arteries. Vulnerable plaques are the major cause of most fatal and non-fatal heart attacks in heart disease patients”.

“Another meaningful impact of utilising Salix for cardiac CT assessment is that clinicians have the opportunity to sit down with their patients and show a 3D interactive model of the patient’s heart and coronary arteries – including the location of the disease and vulnerable plaques. This will encourage patients to engage with their cardiac health,” said Professor Dwivedi.

Artrya’s compliance involved meeting numerous international data, privacy, clinical validation and governance standards, including demonstration of product capability, unique value, safety, insurance, and warranty

In Australia, market pilots of Salix are underway in Perth and Sydney, with an unrestricted launch planned across Australia in early 2022.