Two decades of targeted prostate cancer treatment at Brisbane hospital

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Clinicians and patients are commemorating two decades since the introduction of the targeted, minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment at Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane.

A three-person clinical team at the hospital pioneered the early adoption of low-dose-rate (LDR) brachytherapy. The three, Associate Professor Kumar Gogna, Dr Glen Wood and Adrian Gibbs, still practice at the hospital.

According to Associate Professor Gogna, adopting the LDR-brachytherapy procedure at Greenslopes Private Hospital expanded the treatment options available to people in Queensland.

“My colleagues and I are proud to have been Queensland’s first adopters of LDR-brachytherapy two decades ago – an evidence-based, minimally invasive treatment that we continue to offer eligible prostate cancer patients today.

“Nowadays, we remain as equally committed to providing the best possible care and support, including proven, world-class treatments, to our patients living with prostate cancer, and other urological conditions,” said Associate Professor Gogna.

LDR-brachytherapy involves the insertion of radioactive ‘seeds’ into the prostate, allowing the radiation to target cancer cells while minimising damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Dr Wood said offering a full spectrum of care for patients living with prostate cancer remains a priority for Greenslopes.

“Prostate cancer is an individual disease, so it is crucial that a chosen treatment plan is tailored to each individual patient.”

Medical Physicist Mr Gibbs said offering another evidence-based treatment for prostate cancer was driven by the need to support patient choice.

“The three of us were united under a common goal 20 years ago. We have since, collaboratively, treated hundreds of prostate cancer patients.

“When you hear about patients living with prostate cancer whom you treated years ago, who’ve had no disease recurrence, it’s gratifying to know that you played a role in this,” said Mr Gibbs.