The Leukaemia Foundation confirms new CEO takes the helm


The Leukaemia Foundation has announced its newly-appointed chief executive officer Chris Tanti commenced leading the organisation from Monday 1 February.

Mr Tanti, an experienced organisational leader, has held national and international senior executive positions, including CEO of Australia’s National Disability Services and leading mental health organisation, Headspace. 

Leukaemia Foundation Chairman Dr Carrie Hillyard AM said, “Chris’ career is characterised by the creation of game-changing health services, in addition to extensive experience in strategy, service delivery and operational management. Most importantly, Chris has a genuine resolve to change healthcare for the better and he is dedicated to improving lives and delivering lasting impact for the communities he works to serve.

“This combination means Chris brings the perfect skillset to head Australia’s leading blood cancer charity and the experience to drive progress to help Australians conquer their blood cancer. As a new decade begins, we look forward to Chris being an enthusiastic leader of both the Leukaemia Foundation and the broader blood cancer community.”  

Mr Tanti said he was proud to take up the position as a strong voice for all Australians living with blood cancer.

“You only have to mention leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma and you’ll soon come across someone who’s faced blood cancer themselves, or who knows and loves someone who’s been diagnosed. The sheer number of Australians impacted by this complex set of diseases is staggering, and sadly that number is continuing to rise at an extraordinary rate,” he said. 

“While the blood cancer journey has improved for many, there is much work to do to improve this journey for all, and I am ready to join the passionate Leukaemia Foundation team and the wider blood cancer community to do that work - to fix our sights firmly on a future free from blood cancer and drive life-saving outcomes together. 

“I am inspired by the Leukaemia Foundation’s vision and the critical role it plays in the lives of patients and families every day, and excited to lead an organisation that aligns with my values and energy to create positive, lasting change for vulnerable Australians. 

“The Leukaemia Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to helping Australians with blood cancer and related disorders to survive and live their best life after diagnosis. We will create better access to treatment, care, support and information for every family facing blood cancer around Australia, wherever they are across the country, and by uniting with the broader blood cancer community, we will realise our shared vision of zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035. 

“Our goals are bold and ambitious, but they must be. We can’t stand idly by while blood cancer continues to take so many lives. It is time to turn the tables on blood cancer, and I am proud today to begin leading the organisation championing that change at a national level," added Mr Tanti.