St.LukesHealth supports Tasmanians’ oral health with new dental practices

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Northern Tasmanians will soon have access to a new dental practice, with health insurer St.LukesHealth announcing the planned opening of its practice in Launceston early next year.

The St.LukesHealth Dental Practice – to be housed in the organisation’s new Launceston Headquarters, currently under construction – will be the first of a group of new practices planned across Tasmania.

Chief health officer, Luke Cameron, said, “St.LukesHealth believes it is a fundamental right for all Tasmanians to have access to high-quality essential oral healthcare.

“With 16,500 Tasmanians waiting for non-emergency oral healthcare on Tasmania’s public dental system, we are keen to provide affordable and accessible services, supplementing and supporting existing dental health services in the state.”

Mr Cameron continued, “Affordable and accessible dental care in Tasmania is a real and worsening challenge, with the number of dentists in Tasmania falling short of the national average by 25 per cent, placing considerable pressure on access.

"St.LukesHealth has a long history of supporting oral health providers in Tasmania. Our entry into this market as a provider strengthens our commitment to both the industry and Tasmanians seeking access to essential oral healthcare.

“It is well understood that good oral health directly contributes to improved overall health outcomes, so we are deeply committed to ensuring that every Tasmanian can attain and sustain optimal oral health.

“By expanding the dental network, enhancing accessibility, and promoting affordability, we are taking significant steps towards making Tasmania a healthier place to live.”