St.LukesHealth launches campaign to challenge how Tasmanians think about health

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St.LukesHealth has launched a new brand campaign designed to challenge how people think as part of its goal to make Tasmania the healthiest island.

The campaign depicts a young girl working on a drawing revealed at the end as a map of Australia with Tasmania on top.

The visuals also show the young girl at the local grocer, playing with her family at the beach and doing martial art. the accompanying narrative is to ‘Imagine how a change of outlook, can change your outcome. Join St.LukesHealth, as we work to make Tasmania the healthiest island on the planet’.

St.LukesHealth chief marketing officer, Ben Davis, said the campaign was a first of its kind for the industry and Tasmania.

“The brand campaign is just one element of a brave vision we are putting into action, backed by some big-picture health and wellbeing initiatives that focus on generational behaviour change and early intervention,” said Mr Davis.

“We are incredibly invested in this vision and we were determined to make an impact with the campaign, which was shot across seven locations in Tasmania by a global team spanning Japan, Singapore and Copenhagen. We’re thrilled with the final cut.”

Director at Sweetshop, Jared Daperis, said he wanted the film to speak personally to Tasmanians, with a local tone of voice and humility.

“In order to inspire them to begin thinking about what a change in habit might mean for them and their family, it needed to look, feel and sound like Tasmania – the way the locals know it,” said Mr Daperis.

Tim Holman, Founder of The Pangea Agency who created the campaign, said from the moment they met with St.LukesHealth they knew it was not looking for a generic health insurance ad.

“Such a bold intention for a business in a category as homogenous as PHI called for a simple but emotive story and a memorable key visual,” said Mr Holman.

“Our brand campaign highlights a fresh perspective for Tasmania and how a little imagination can help deliver a better future for all Tasmanians. It was a privilege to work on such an important campaign with such a highly talented and passionate team of professionals.”