Senate calls Estimates 'spillover' session

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Department of Health officials will face another round of Budget Estimates tomorrow after a Senate committee decided to reconvene for a special two-hour spillover session.

The extra session had been speculated for several weeks with non-government senators believing some issues were unresolved after the two-day hearing in late May.

The program shows the committee has listed a range of issues, including Medicare, hospitals, private health insurance and the PBS.

Private health insurance was raised at Budget Estimates in May.

Department of Health officials said they were "absolutely sure" reductions in benefits for prostheses were passed on in the form of lower premium increases.

They said insurers had "identified" and quantified the impact on premiums in their submissions for this year's 1 April increase.

They also said "a lot of work" had been done on providing advice to health minister Greg Hunt on the reform to categorise all private health insurance policies as gold, silver or bronze. "It is not a simple task," said one official.