Red Havas creates global health-focused network

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Communications agency Red Havas has launched Red Havas Health in response to what it says is increasing demand from clients.

It said the new global network brings together health professionals across Australia, US, UK, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Italy, France and Germany.

"Each market will carry the new Red Havas Health brand and leverage Red Havas’ integration of earned, social and experiential capabilities with content at the heart," it said.

“More than ever before, scientific innovation, technology and world events are transforming how we consume and interact with health information,” said James Wright, global chairman of the Havas PR Global Collective and global CEO of Red Havas.

“Backed by the Havas Health & You network, the new Red Havas Health brand will be at the forefront of the changing way we are learning about our own health and that of our loved ones. By uniting our fantastic talent from key markets, our globally aligned healthcare PR offering will provide clients even greater access to the best thinking, technology, data and insights.”

Sue Cook, practice head, Health, Red Havas Australia said, “The way we approach health communications has significantly evolved over the last year or two. We take a person-centred view about health as well as the impact on the health sector and society.  In shaping our strategies, we take a multi-channel approach working with trusted sources and advocates to shape and deliver the message.

“Our goal is to transform health communications into meaningful health conversations so we can improve health understanding and outcomes – for individuals, as well as those caring and supporting them.”

Red Havas said it has expanded its healthcare business in Australia over the past two years, securing clients across pharmaceutical, consumer health, not-for-profit and health technology sectors. It said recent additions include Care Pharmaceuticals, Chiesi Australia, Novartis and UCB.

“This expanded focus on healthcare PR from our group ensures that while our Australian clients continue to receive the localised approach to modern healthcare communications, there will be the added benefit of having access to Red Havas Health’s global insights,” said Ms Cook.