Private insurers launch new code of conduct


Australia's private health insurers have released their updated Code of Conduct at the annual Health Insurance Summit 2021.

The new code (view here) has been developed by Private Healthcare Australia (PHA) and the Members Health Fund Alliance as the peak bodies representing the sector. They said it was developed in consultation with the government and regulators.

PHA CEO Dr Rachel David said the code reflects a commitment by individual health funds to provide members with a standard of customer service, accountability and transparency that goes beyond what is required by legislation.

“As an industry, private health insurance funds are committed to helping consumers choose the best private health insurance for their needs. Included in the Code is a list of key terms and definitions, which will assist consumers in reading and understanding the Code," said Dr David.

“The Code sets out the information that health funds will provide to members regarding policies, the complaints handling process and what happens if your fund needs to change your policy.”

Private Healthcare Australia said it has established a Code of Conduct Compliance Committee, comprised of consumer and industry representatives.

Dr David said increasing membership during the current pandemic demonstrated that more and more consumers are recognising the value of and relying on private health insurance. She said this makes it more important than ever for consumers to have access to concise and transparent information.

“Private health insurance is an important and cost-effective method of insuring yourself against unexpected health issues, providing you with more control over your health care, choice of services and choice of doctor,” she said.