Prevention and health promotion the focus of new nib foundation grants

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The nib foundation has announced six Australian charities to share $240,000 in grants focused on health prevention and promotion programs and designed to help reduce the burden of chronic disease.

According to nib foundation executive officer, Amy Tribe, “While genetic and environmental factors can contribute to chronic illness, one third of the total burden of disease is estimated to come from preventable risk factors.

“Our Health Smart grants will support these charities who are experts in their various fields of health promotion to engage and empower young Aussies to reduce risks such as poor diet and increase protective factors such as looking after our mental health."

Lung Foundation Australia will use their $40,000 in funding to hold a national roundtable event on vaping and develop a Consensus Statement on the associated risks.

The Black Dog Institute will deliver their suicide prevention app, iBobbly, to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Cancer Council Victoria’s 'Rethink Sugary Drink: Thirsty Campaign' will work on raising awareness of the health risks associated with consuming sugary drinks.

“I’m always buoyed by the evidence that small improvements to health behaviours at an individual level, such as losing a few kilograms, or doing a few more minutes of daily moderate exercise, can have a significant impact at a population level in reducing this chronic disease burden,” said Mrs Tribe.

“We see a real opportunity through these programs to lift Australia’s health literacy rates and in turn support more positive and informed health choices,” she added.

nib foundation said it will also give two of the charities a chance to have their funding doubled through its 'People’s Vote' that will be carried out this year via social media and nib’s The Check Up.

The 2019 Health Smart grant recipients are:

  • Black Dog Institute - iBobbly (National);
  • Cancer Council Queensland - Cancer Risk Calculator Youth Co-design Prevention Project (QLD);
  • Cancer Council Victoria - Rethink Sugary Drink: ‘Thirsty Campaign’ (VIC);
  • Life Education NSW - Reality Now: A real time survey busting myths about social norms in high school (NSW);
  • Lung Foundation Australia - National Roundtable: vaping and young people (National); and,
  • Waves of Wellness Foundation: Innovation through digitisation (VIC, NSW, QLD).