PHA: Submission reiterates commitment to supporting transition


Private Healthcare Australia has made its submission to the federal government’s discussion paper on the purpose, definition and scope of the Prostheses List.

The Department of Health recently issued the first consultation paper on the reform process announced in the 2021-22 Budget.

Private Healthcare Australia said its submission reiterates the industry’s commitment to supporting hospitals during the transition with a compensation package.

According to CEO Dr Rachel David, “This consultation paper does not seek a debate on the merits of items used by medical practitioners in treating their patients. Doctors and patients will have access to a full range of medical devices.

“The debate is simply how these items will be paid for – as part of a government-controlled mandated price list or through market mechanisms. As such, PHA last month suggested a support package for hospitals, and published details of international prices to help hospitals get the best deals on items coming off the Prostheses List.

“This compensation package was provided to peak bodies last month for discussion. Some stakeholders advised PHA that they were not aware of the offer and to ensure everyone has access to this information, it is now available on the PHA website.

“We have known for several years now that general items will be coming off the Prostheses List – nobody in the industry should be surprised by these changes. The support package we have put forward is fair and reasonable. It is now time to act.

“The target of Prostheses List reforms is not hospitals or doctors. The Government is trying to get a better deal for patients by ensuring the same medical devices in Australia are priced like they are in New Zealand, the UK and France.

“Medical device pricing reform will not impact private hospitals. The Government’s reforms will end price gouging by multinational medical technology companies and Australians will pay a fair price for medical devices.”