Perth hospital becomes the first in state to use new robotic surgery

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Hollywood Private Hospital upper gastrointestinal surgeon Laurence Webber and his team performed the first robotic ventral hernia repair in Western Australia using the DaVinci Xi Robot.

Robotic hernia surgery allows more patients to be treated with a minimally invasive approach, with potential benefits including less pain, shorter length of hospital stay and fewer complications.

Dr Webber’s team includes general surgeon Dr Josh Salim, anaesthetist Dr Ted Velzaboer, as well as nursing and anaesthetic staff.

A ventral hernia occurs when abdominal contents (such as the bowel) protrude through a weak point of the abdominal wall. Symptoms include pain and/or a lump in the abdomen.

Hernias occur in both males and females, however, they are most common in men. According to Australian statistics, about one man in every 20 will develop a hernia at some point in his life.

Hollywood was the first hospital in Western Australia to purchase the da Vinci Xi Surgical System. The technology offers advanced robotic, computer and optical capabilities that assist a surgeon with an operation.

Dr Webber regularly undertakes robotic pancreatic surgery and recently performed the first robotic liver resection in Western Australia. 

“The team regularly undertake major urological surgery and is more than capable of expanding this service to include major Upper GI resections and complex abdominal wall procedures,” said Dr Webber.

Hollywood Private Hospital CEO Andrew Tome said staff were proud to support specialists at the forefront of new treatment options.

“Supporting our surgeons to improve their skills and procedures is a priority for Hollywood to help us provide the best possible health outcomes for patients,” added Mr Tome.