Nuance launches new speech recognition platform

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Nuance Communications has announced plans to launch its cloud-based speech recognition platform in Australia.

The company says its Dragon Medical One (DMO) platform is designed to help simplify and accelerate the heavy documentation processes managed by Australia's healthcare professionals.

The cloud-based platform removes the need for healthcare organisations and professionals to regularly update software and allows for direct interoperability with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

"Once installed, clinicians simply open the application, choose the section they want to document and start speaking," said the company.

"The electronic medical record will be updated directly. DMO can be used across any device, fixed or mobile, transforming any workstation into a potential dictation station and accelerating the process drastically. Speech recognition also brings a level of precision that improves the quality of clinical documentation and helps mitigate medical legal risks associated with it."

“Healthcare professionals in Australia generate millions of documents every year. It is a cumbersome process which modernisation is overdue, to adjust to the increasing pace of healthcare, allow practitioners to reinvest time on their patients, but also bring relief to their workflows and avoid mental health issues and burnouts,” said Simon Wallace, Nuance chief clinical information officer.

“With cloud-based speech recognition, the process is faster and more flexible. Practitioners can document information from their patient interactions at anytime and anywhere, saving time that can be reinvested in patient care.”