nib partners with Osara Health to provide tailored cancer coaching to members

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Private health insurer nib has engaged Osara Health to provide tailored health coaching programs for members being treated for cancer.

Osara, co-founded by radiation oncology specialist Raghav Murali-Ganesh, can offer advice on the side effects of cancer treatments, diet, exercise and wellbeing, along with access to a digital platform and community.

Osara research shows that 32 per cent of people who joined one of its programs reported better pain management, and better quality of life and reported they were managing their fatigue better.

It said that 73 per cent of people are more likely to return to work post-diagnosis after completing a program. Participants also returned to work about 16 weeks faster.

“nib is increasingly working towards delivering programs that offer personalised care, and services that help members stay well,” said Ed Close, nib chief executive, Australian Residents Health Insurance.

“We offer a range of tailored programs that give members options, from chemotherapy at home to free bowel screening services for our members in New Zealand. Osara fits with our ethos of offering care options and helping members get better sooner.”

nib chief medical officer, Dr Rob McGrath, said that while every member will have different treatment protocols and outcomes, having a coach who can offer advice on treatment side effects or providing additional support is valuable.

“The program is personalised for each nib member,” said Dr McGrath. “A coach will check in regularly with the nib member to address symptom tracking, talk through progress on health related goals, and provide support on the impact of a diagnosis or provide help around the navigation of additional services,” he said. “We know that can make a difference to the way someone receiving treatment might cope.”

The Osara Cancer Coach program is offered at no additional cost to eligible nib members.

“We developed a personalised care experience, wherein the Cancer Coach program can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each participant,” said Dr Murali-Ganesh.

“Whether that means accessing specific information and trusted research, help with mental health, or insights into accompanying health outcomes, our goal is to empower patients to make changes that put them in control of their health.

“Osara delivers information and education that is endorsed by a clinical team consisting of oncologists, researchers, and experts in our field.”