nib offers its employees a new range of benefits

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nib has announced the launch of a new suite of flexible benefits for its workforce of more than 1,300 people.

The company said the range of entitlements for employees includes increased paid parental leave, gender affirmation leave, compassionate leave for pregnancy loss and miscarriage, cultural leave, flexible public holidays, as well as increased paid family and domestic violence leave.

nib chief people officer Martin Adlington said the benefits follow consultation with employees.

“It’s important that our benefits reflect the diverse needs of all our employees, no matter their life stage,” said Mr Adlington.

“For example, one of our benefits includes increasing our paid parental leave for up to 18 weeks for all parents, regardless of whether they’re a primary or secondary carer, in the first two years of the child’s life. Our employees can choose to take this leave in a way that suits them – whether that’s consecutive weeks, single days, full pay or half pay,” he said.

Mr Adlington said the new parental leave benefits provide a greater opportunity for all parents to share family responsibilities.

“Current data tells us that men account for only 12 per cent of primary carer leave use, yet it’s known that fathers feel more motivated after taking parental leave and will consider staying with their organisation longer as a result. Women are also more likely to have interrupted careers, reduced participation in the workforce and lower earnings potential to care for their child or family members.

“We believe all employees, no matter their gender or background, should have equal opportunity to excel in the workplace. Our range of benefits will help to support this and shows that we’re serious about meeting our commitments in our Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan released last year,” he added.

Mr Adlington said the new benefits complement the company's hybrid working model, introduced last year, which includes a $1,200 annual work from home allowance and the opportunity to work outside the office for the majority of the time, including overseas.

“Life at nib means our people have the flexibility to choose when, where and how they work and it’s important our policies, practices and benefits support this. In fact, 85 per cent of our employees say they now have the flexibility in their work schedule to be able to better balance their work and personal needs.

"We were also excited to expand our hybrid work offering recently to include international remote work for up to six weeks at a range of locations, including the UK and Ireland.”

“Our benefits help position us as a market leader when it comes to our employees. We aim to be an employer of choice for both our existing and future employees,” he added.