nib launches 'GreenPass' health membership

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nib has launched a new health membership designed to help people live healthier lives.

The 'GreenPass' membership provides access to a range of health and wellness benefits without the need to take out a traditional health insurance product.

nib health insurance chief executive Ed Close said, “By making membership as much about supporting good health as the treatment of sickness and injury we have an opportunity to play a bigger role in how we help more Australians to keep healthy and out of hospital.”

“With this in mind, we created nib GreenPass, which is intentionally created to empower people of all ages to better understand their health profile and offer health and wellness perks and services they can use every day to keep on top of their health,” he said.

nib said research shows people aged between 18 and 44 do not have private health insurance top of mind but showed an interest in personalised health benefits.

“Participants told us they could see themselves purchasing health insurance in the future, such as, when they’re ready to start a family or their income changes, but they don’t see the value right now as young and healthy adults,” said Mr Close.

“At the same time, they showed a keen interest in low-cost health and wellness alternatives. This created an opportunity to develop a non-health insurance-related offering, that can be accessed by anyone who has a desire to keep healthy, at little to no cost,” he added.

GreenPass provides access to personalised health plans, discounts on health and wellness services, rewards for reaching health goals, an online skin check, fitness tracking and exclusive pricing with nib’s network of providers.

“Last year alone, nib members who chose to visit a provider within our First Choice Network
paid on average up to 24% less for common dental and physiotherapy compared to our members who visited a provider outside of our network for the same treatment,” said Mr Close.

“This benefit alone is a fantastic incentive to join up to our GreenPass, alongside our other
health and wellness tools and discounts usually reserved for our members,” he added.