nib launches Amazon Alexa Skill to help members find a provider

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An industry first for nib with the launch of 'Skill for Amazon Alexa' designed to better connect its members to local health providers and health insurance information.

The insurer said many people find it difficult to navigate the health system and find the right provider.

Using voice recognition technology, nib members and other consumers can use Alexa Skill to locate a specific healthcare provider in their area. It will also provide a daily health tip and assist with questions about their general health insurance information.

According to nib chief information officer, Brendan Mills, by using the latest in technology they were able to create a simple way for consumers to access the information they need, just by asking "Alexa, launch nib".

"At nib we're always looking for new and innovative ways to empower our members to make better choices when it comes to their healthcare," Mr Mills said.

"Our Alexa Skill will help connect Australian households to our First Choice and MediGap network of providers simply by using their voice.

"This will provide them with ease of access to a broad network of doctors, specialists or dentists helping them to make more informed decisions when searching for the right health provider," said Mr Mills.

A leading digital design and voice experience (VX) agency, VERSA was a key driver in the development of nib's 'voice'.

"We worked with the nib project team to ensure that users would be able to get the most out of nib's excellent provider network by simply asking," said VERSA managing director, Jonny Clow.

"It's an exciting time in Australia's voice experience landscape when forward-thinking companies like nib are dedicated to improving their customers' lives with exceptional initiatives like this," he added.

The first phase of nib's Alexa Skill will allow users to access over 21,000 Medical providers, including GPs and Medical Specialists included in nib's MediGap network. Users can also find more than 3,800 ancillary providers such as dentists and optometrists, including their local nib dental and eyecare centres.