New survey reveals a high level of 'trust' in member-owned private health insurers

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A new survey of more than 12,500 customers of Members Health private insurers has revealed a high level of trust in these not-for-profit and member-owned funds.

CEO Matthew Koce said, “Members Health funds achieved an average trust score among their policyholders of almost 84 per cent – far above Australia Post on 69.7 per cent and Telstra on 58.5 per cent.”

“Nothing is more important than your health and that of your loved ones. The peace of mind that comes from having access to trusted care and advice when you need it can’t be overvalued. It is something Members Health funds deliver in spades.

“Customers of Members Health funds trust that their fund will be there to help whenever they face important decisions about their health," said Mr Koce.

He said. “It speaks volumes that so many of Australia’s most trusted professions are with a Members Health fund, including our doctors, nurses, teachers, educators, police, emergency services, defence and navy personnel to name just a few.”