New research highlights the impact of COVID-19 on doctors

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New research from market intelligence firm IQVIA has revealed more about the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare professionals.

The company surveyed almost 300 healthcare professionals (GPs, specialists and hospital pharmacists) in early April on the impact of COVID-19.

One of the key findings was that clinicians were aligned in the belief COVID-19 will radically change the current model of care with a consensus that telehealth will become the new standard.

Around two-thirds of specialists are also looking to refer patients to home treatment services to reduce the risk of infection.

Sourcing personal protection equipment was the number one of priority of GPs and specialists, followed by real-time and high-quality information on COVID-19, advice on how to guide patients on their use of telehealth and access to a diagnostic test for the virus.

Over 80 per cent of doctors believe telehealth will become the new standard approach, even for patients who live locally, but almost the same number expressed concern over the ongoing level of care for patients with chronic conditions.