New plan to build a disability confident culture at Medibank

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Medibank has launched its second Accessibility and Inclusion Plan (AIP) which outlines the company’s new and ongoing commitment to supporting its people, customers and all Australians living with a disability.

CEO David Koczkar said the company is focused on removing barriers that exist for people with disability so that everyone has equal access to better health and employment outcomes.

“Our plan over the next three years reflects the discussions we’ve had with colleagues with disability, carers of people with disability and community partners to better understand where our focus should be.

“We want to be an employer of choice for people with disability. We want employees with disability to not only join us at Medibank but stay and build their careers here. Creating an inclusive, safe and disability confident workplace is a priority for us,” he said.

Medibank’s new Plan outlines actions focusing on four key areas - creating an inclusive, safe and disability confident workplace; ensuring an equitable and accessible customer experience; establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships with community partners; and, governance and reporting on its accessibility journey.

“Since launching our first plan in 2018, we’ve made significant progress to create a disability confident culture. But we have more to do," continued Mr Koczkar.

“We’ve been working closely with Get Skilled Access to deliver immersive experiences to our senior leaders, bespoke face-to-face training and development workshops as well as online training for internal recruitment teams,” he said.