MTPConnect to administer new research accelerator

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MTPConnect has been appointed to administer the new $47 million Targeted Translation Research Accelerator program for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Growth Centre (MTPConnect ) was established under the federal government's Industry Growth Centres Initiative.

Health minister Greg Hunt announced the appointment of MTPConnect with industry minister Karen Andrews.

The new accelerator will provide a new integrated research program focussed on improving the management and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It will establish research centres, a contestable funding program for research projects and promote the clinical and commercial translation of related novel therapeutics and devices.

Health minister Greg Hunt will appoint an expert board to guide the accelerator. 

According to MTPConnect managing director and CEO, Dr Dan Grant, “At its core, the MTPConnect Accelerator will stimulate collaboration across relevant industry, research and clinical organisations and leverage strengths across the sector to ultimately produce novel preventative interventions, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and products for D&CVD that reduce the burden on patients, families and communities.

“The TTRA [Targeted Translation Research Accelerator] program will drive a new focus on research efforts for the most pressing areas of unmet clinical and research needs in D&CVD, which are leading causes of death and disability in Australia.”

MTPConnect Chair Sue MacLeman said, “Our Growth Centre work is now complemented by four Medical Research Future Fund programs worth nearly $147 million. Through our work fostering collaboration, addressing workforce challenges, opening-up international markets and optimising regulatory and policy frameworks we are playing a key role to drive Australia’s health and economic wellbeing.”