MTAA honours the industry's best with 2020 Medtech Awards

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The medical technology industry came together this week to honour those who have made significant contributions to the Australian sector.

The awards recognised members of the Medical Technology Association of Australia but also non-members and individuals. There were a total of 29 nominations for five award categories, including the first-ever Women in MedTech Award for Emerging Women in Leadership.

The Outstanding Achievement Award is the industry’s highest individual award. This award recognises an individual who has contributed in an exceptional way to the development of the Australian medical technology Industry. The 2020 award went to Professor Lyn Griffiths, who has partnered with industry over many years to translate research outcomes into patient outcomes.

The industry’s highest award is the Kerrin Rennie Award for Excellence in Medical Technology and Improving Quality of Life.

This award is a company award and recognises an innovative and extraordinary contribution to improving health outcomes for Australian patients.

Medtronic was awarded the 2020 Kerrin Rennie Award for their TruClear Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System. The TruClear system was launched in Australia in 2019. It offers a technology platform for the diagnosis and removal of a range of intrauterine abnormalities using pathology-optimised devices.

The Women in MedTech Company award went to Medtronic. The Women in MedTech Champion Individual award went to Edwards Lifesciences’ Yolanda Mallouhi. The inaugural Women in MedTech Award for Emerging Women in Leadership went to Jee May Yong of Fresenius Kabi Australia.

“Every individual within the MedTech industry deserves a citation for the way in which they responded to the pandemic, for the countless extra hours worked, for the weekends and late nights, for the weeks spent in quarantine just so a patient could receive the expert care only our industry can provide. Today we recognise those individuals and companies who have done all this, and more, ” said MTAA CEO Ian Burgess.

“The winner of the Kerrin Rennie Award for Excellence in Medical Technology and Improving Quality of Life, MedTech’s highest award, was Medtronic’s TruClear Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System, a device that has the capacity to transform the lives of over 100 million women.”