Minister reappointed but things will be different

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The private health sector will be confronting a new political and decision-making reality over the next few months despite Greg Hunt's reappointment to the health portfolio.

Mr Hunt resigned from the portfolio last week as the Liberal Party's leadership turmoil came to a head with Scott Morrison replacing Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister on Friday. 

Mr Morrison confirmed Mr Hunt's reappointment late yesterday.

Governments are like any organisation. Changes at or near the top will fundamentally change the way it functions, operates and makes decisions.

Greg Hunt may be health minister but the Morrison government will undoubtedly be different to the Turnbull government.

A new prime minister with new prime ministerial staff, a new treasurer with their own staff, and several other changes across the ministry and ministerial offices.

What may have worked for a minister in a Cabinet led by Prime Minister Turnbull may not work in a Cabinet led by Prime Minister Morrison.

New senior decision-makers with new staff will mean change - new personalities that probably bring a different way of doing things.

This change may not be immediately obvious, or even easy to discern, but different people obviously means different relationships, a new dynamic and way of doing things.

It means organisations with a stake in government decision-making might need to reconsider their current approach almost in the same way they would after a change of government.