Members Health welcomes federal government's stricter vaping laws

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Members Health has welcomed the Albanese Government's stricter enforcement of e-cigarette laws, which will see imports of disposable single-use vapes banned from 1 January.

“Vaping was supposed to help people quit smoking but instead has become an insidious gateway to nicotine drug addiction,” said Members Health CEO Matthew Koce.

“The number of younger people and, in particular, vulnerable children becoming addicted to vapes is of particular concern.

“Vaping is a major health issue and it is pleasing to see Federal Health Minister, Mark Butler showing decisive national leadership.”

“Reports of vapes being sold near schools and produced in flavours, like bubblegum, to appeal to children is unconscionable,” said Mr Koce.

“The full health impacts of vaping are still unknown, but early signs are concerning. Some reports point to the risk of severe lung damage, accelerated tooth decay and impacts on mental health.

“Research has shown some vapes contain dangerous chemicals such as ethylene glycol, which is used in air conditioning units and to de-ice airstrips.”

“Australia has been a world leader in reducing smoking rates and the last thing we want is for that achievement go up in smoke thanks to dangerous and addictive vapes," added Mr Koce