Medicinal cannabis association looks to policy progress with new government

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The Emerging Therapeutics Association of Australia which represents many companies involved in the commercialisation of medicinal cannabis says its members stand ready to work with the new federal government.

The association's chair, Guy Headley, said it welcomed the appointment of health minister Mark Butler and other ministers.

“The medicinal cannabis industry in Australia is growing exponentially. SAS-B applications more than doubled in 2021 to 122,000, up from 57,000 in 2020. We will be advocating for regular industry consultation with the government to ensure the regulatory processes governing patient access to medical cannabis therapies are fit for purpose.

“Australia has many advantages which point to continued growth for the medicinal cannabis sector and improved patient access, but there are significant industry challenges including equitable and affordable access to treatment, supply chain inefficiency, and regulatory consistency.

“The ETAA will work with the new Albanese Government and parliamentarians from across the political spectrum to advance systemic improvements to the emerging therapeutics industry,” said Mr Headley.

The association said it will continue to advocate for supply chain efficiency, transparency and strict control that generates confidence in the industry, regulatory consistency and stakeholder education.