Medibank's 'Health for Hack' goes virtual in 2020

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Medibank's annual 'Health for Hack' went virtual in 2020 with more than 100 people coming together to find new ways to enhance interactions between the company, its customers, patients, providers and the community.

One idea won both the Major Award and the People’s Choice Award. 

Medibank said the winning concept aims to make it easier for customers to receive accurate information about orthodontic benefits.

"The team proposed an app to simplify the numerous calculations customer service team members need to do to provide an accurate overview of benefits payable. The idea will now be progressed through Medibank’s Innovation Council," said the company.

The Hack considered ten ideas that were selected from 69 submissions. The ideas ranged from how to provide more clarity to customers when they are considering a major procedure, ways to better support customers who need to go to hospital during their 12-month pre-existing waiting period, improving the online claims experience and how to better support customers with medication compliance.

"Many of the ideas for this year’s Hack for Health come directly from a team member’s experience trying to help a customer - someone recognising an opportunity to do something better or wanting to address a situation that’s caused some frustration to a customer,” said David Lochrie, senior executive of Medibank Digital Solutions and Services.

This was the third year Medibank has run its Hack for Health program and later this month, one of the previous winning ideas - a self-service claims portal for customers - will be piloted in some stores.