Medibank reveals common and high-cost claims

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Medibank has released data revealing mental health issues and colonoscopies were among the most common private health insurance claims made by Australians aged between 20 and 60 years.

The insurer said the data relates to financial year 2018 and "sheds light" on how people use their private health insurance depending on stage of their life.

The data shows mental health, colonoscopy and dentistry, were common claims for people aged 20-29. Mental health and colonoscopy were also common for those aged 30-39 along with major gynaecology. As people get older, common claims also cover rehabilitation and cancer treatment.

According to Medibank chief customer officer David Koczkar, the data shows how important it is that Australians regularly review their cover throughout their life to ensure they are covered for what they might need.

“While everyone’s circumstances are different, there are trends across different age groups that may be helpful when reviewing your cover,” said Mr Koczkar.

“The data shows that treatment for mental health conditions are amongst the most common reasons for hospital admission from the ages of 20 to 60 years old, with more than 7,500 claims in FY18 across those age groups.

“While there are some procedures that are more common in particular age groups, mental health issues can affect all of us.”

Medibank said its top ten claims paid last financial year totalled more than $3.9 million, equating 1,477 days in hospital.

“The top claims that Medibank paid for customers often involves complex treatment and care, and I am proud that we were able to support these patients through a very stressful time in their lives,” said Mr Koczkar.

Five-of-the-top ten claims were for neonatal care in Queensland - with the babies spending a total of 587 days in hospital.

Medibank also highlighted the case of a Victorian customer aged in their 50s who spent almost a year in hospital from complications from arthroscopic surgery, with a cost of more than $460,000.

Two people spent a total of 140 days each in hospital recovering from a tracheostomy, with a combined $592,000 in benefits paid.

“We know that being admitted to hospital can be a distressing time, so being able to support our customers and their families through treatment is extremely rewarding,” he said.

“No one expects that their healthcare will cost as much as it does, that’s why private health insurance plays an important role in giving customers peace of mind for the unexpected.

“We want to help reduce the financial burden on customers undergoing these procedures and give them more time to focus on their recovery.”