Medibank reports jump in flu vaccinations

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New data from Medibank has revealed a more than 40 percent increase in flu vaccinations this year.

According to the company, between March and June this year, it helped deliver nearly 10,000 flu vaccinations to 26 different businesses – an increase of 41 percent from 2017.

Medibank was one of the largest workplace flu vaccination providers in 2017.

Last year’s flu season resulted in Medibank recording a 25 percent increase in hospital admissions for respiratory conditions.

Medibank chief medical officer Dr Linda Swan said the high turnout for vaccinations could be related to last year’s season.

“We may be seeing a reaction to the severe flu season that we experienced last year.  Australians are being more careful after influenza strains like the Brisbane flu last year,” said Dr Swan.

“Influenza is a difficult virus to predict.  It changes and adapts all the time and because of this we need a slightly different vaccination each year.

“It’s important to take preventative steps to protect yourself.  And while the flu shot doesn’t provide complete protection, if you’ve been vaccinated it can help prevent up to 70 per cent of cases,” added Dr Swan.