Medibank releases its annual health research project report

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Medibank has released its annual report for 2022 that highlights the support it has provided to Australian health research projects.

The company said that much of the featured research is funded through its Better Health Foundation, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and that it allocated $1.1 million to support 25 different projects through partnerships with 20 organisations.

These projects explore a range of topics, from digital health, pain management and rehabilitation, transparency and accessibility in healthcare, through to the role of patient health literacy in driving better health outcomes and experiences.

Two studies, representing a partnership between the Medibank Better Health Foundation and the ANZCA Foundation, investigate patients’ experiences and early outcomes of Medibank’s no-gap joint replacement program.

The report also features an interview with two early-career female health researchers, Dr Brooke Patterson and Dr Khic-Houy Prang, who share their thoughts on the research industry, their experiences as women leading research and the future of the Australian healthcare system.