Medibank releases annual research report, marking ten years of support

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Medibank has released its 2023 health research report, which marks ten years of the company supporting research through its Better Health Foundation.

The company said its foundation invested $940,000 to support 22 research projects in the past year. The projects are in areas such as alternative models of care, out-of-pocket costs, improved transparency in healthcare, and loneliness.

The research included a low-cost precision prognostic test for women with breast cancer and a project seeking to understand young people’s attitudes and awareness of treatment options for anterior cruciate ligament injuries.

Brisbane-based GP Dr Nancy Sturman is piloting an app for patients with chronic pain integrated into their general practice care. Professor Meredith Makeham, based at a GP clinic in Sydney, is looking at how virtual care consultations could better support residents living in aged care homes.

The Medibank Better Health Foundation has funded more than $9 million in research projects since 2013.

"I’m excited to share that the areas of focus over the next three years will expand to include keeping women active, and primary and preventative care. We will also continue to support research into alternative models of healthcare, improving transparency, affordability and sustainability in healthcare, as well as loneliness," said Dr Jessica Choong, Medibank's medical director of research, policy and innovation.

"Our research partnerships remain an important part of Medibank’s 2030 Vision to create the best health and wellbeing for Australia. We look forward to continuing to work alongside leading and emerging researchers to support the valuable contribution they make to Australia’s health."