Medibank provides progress report on its Reconciliation Action Plan

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Medibank has released a progress report on its latest Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

The report includes information the company has done over the past three years to support equality in health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

"What stands out for me most, is not what we’ve achieved but how we’ve achieved it," said Medibank's RAP Working Group Chair Becky Hyde.

"We are continually learning about the importance of our Reconciliation efforts being led by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and community organisations."

Ms Hyde said the company has achieved the goal of increasing the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees equating to one per cent of its workforce.

The company has launched an Aboriginal Employee Network to promote peer support and provide networking opportunities. It has exceeded its long-term goal for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander procurement, worked with the Wadeye Aboriginal Community to co-design a cultural health camp, built a partnership with the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association and 64 per cent of its employees have completed a Cultural Awareness course.

"We’ve been privileged that so many have been willing to share those experiences with us and share how we can change. We look forward to continuing to work together towards achieving our vision of health equity," added Ms Hyde.