Medibank launches updated guide on out-of-pocket costs

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Medibank has launched an upgraded version of its online Find A Provider tool that now provides consumers with access to more specific information about potential out-of-pocket costs.

The tool was established in August last year to show how often a specialist charges an out-of-pocket cost. The updated version now also includes this information for the most common hospital procedures. It means people can see if they are likely to have an out-of-pocket charge for a certain type of procedure from their doctor.

Chief customer officer David Koczkar said people often asked for this type of information.

“We’re listening to our customers, so we’ve upgraded Find A Provider to make the potential out-of-pocket costs freely available so people can make an informed choice,” he said.

“It’s a reasonable expectation to be able to access this type of information, so we’re putting the power back in patients’ hands.

“We are the first health insurer to make this level of information available to customers on our own website. We know customers want more information about the hospitals and doctors near them, so we’ve been progressively upgrading our online tools like Find a Provider, Procedure Cost Estimator and Hospital Experience Scores.

“Data from more than 500,000 hospital admissions each year helps to support the information on Find A Provider, and although it’s most relevant to those with a Medibank hospital policy, any consumer can access this information.”

The updated tool means people can get a better idea if there is likely to be an out-of-pocket before they go to their first specialist appointment. 

“Australians need greater transparency on what their healthcare experience will be like and what it will cost. We’re working hard to make private healthcare more affordable, easier to use, and provide greater value,” continued Mr Koczkar said.

“There are some key questions you should ask your GP, specialist and hospital along the way if you’re preparing for surgery, and Medibank is here to support you with further information about how to get the best value from your health insurance.”