Medibank launches two major reports, including its annual sustainability update

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Medibank has released its Annual and Sustainability Reports detailing how the company is working to address health system challenges and positively impact the health and well-being of its customers and the community.

The company said its customers had been the victims of cybercrime and that its focus has been on supporting them.

It said its response included the Cyber Response Support Program, which included providing mental health and wellbeing support, identity protection and financial hardship measures.

It also pointed to its investment in preventative health programs to support customers to stay healthy and new models of care that provide greater choice, value and control.

For its employees, the company launched a culture change program designed to make a difference in how its employees work and empower them to achieve its 2030 vision to deliver the best health and well-being for Australia.

The company also developed a strategy for transitioning to 100 per cent renewable electricity.