Medibank launches new product that gives customers extras choice

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Medibank has announced the launch of a new product that enables its customers to choose and pay for the extra services they need.

The company said 'My Choice Extras' starts with a bundle of 'core' services that features some of the services most requested by customers, such as dental (general and major) and optical. It also includes psychology and counselling, without any waiting periods, to reflect the ongoing impacts of COVID on mental health.

Customers then have the choice to add additional bundles based on their individual needs.

They can add the 'move' bundle designed for customers looking for physio, osteo and remedial massage. The 'family' bundle includes services that families commonly need such as orthodontics, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Customers looking for cover that includes blood pressure monitors, hearing aids and podiatry, might choose the 'support' bundle.

Medibank group executive for customer portfolios, Milosh Milisavljevic, said My Choice Extras was developed using claims data and feedback from our customers.

“We want our customers to maximise the value they get from their extras cover, which we know helps them to keep healthy, happy and active. This is important to us as we see every day how preventative health measures can make a difference to our customers’ wellbeing,” he said.

“We’re also going a step further and rewarding customers with Live Better Rewards points for going to the dentist or getting new prescription glasses at a Members’ Choice Advantage provider.

“Our customers wanted a distinct and affordable extras product where they have more choice to pick the bundles of services they’ll use.

“They have more flexibility to change their cover at any time to suit their needs, putting them in control of the services included in their extras cover.

“This is another step forward in delivering our customers a simple experience, where they can save money by only paying for the bundles of services they need.”

The launch of My Choice Extras for Medibank customers follows the introduction of choosable extras for ahm health insurance customers earlier this year.

“The fantastic response demonstrates the value that customers see in having more choice and control in how they use their extras cover,” said Mr Milisavljevic.