Medibank announces support for customers in flood affected areas

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Medibank said its customers (Medibank and ahm) in flood-affected areas of New South Wales can now access a disaster relief package.

Chief customer officer David Koczkar said the floods are having a devastating impact on its customers, businesses and the broader community.

“Our thoughts are with all the local communities across New South Wales who have been impacted by the flood emergency,” he said.

“It’s heartbreaking to see the thousands of people that have been forced to evacuate their homes as well as the businesses that have been forced to close across the north coast of New South Wales and outskirts of Sydney.

“We are ready to support our customers and the broader communities through the flood emergency.

“We have enacted our disaster relief package to provide financial support to eligible customers in flood-affected areas of New South Wales.

“We encourage our customers to contact us for support.”

Medibank said customers who have held hospital cover for at least three months and are in a flood-impacted area in New South Wales may be eligible for the assistance package.

Eligible customers can suspend their policy for up to two years or receive financial support to cover the cost of their premiums for up to three months.

“Given it’s been an extremely difficult 18 months with bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic and now the floods we want to remind Medibank customers that they can access the Medibank Mental Health Phone Support line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1800 644 325 with any concerns,” said Mr Koczkar.

Mr Koczkar also announced support for flood-affected customers with Medibank Pet Insurance.

"For insured cats and dogs that don’t have access to accommodation or have been displaced or evacuated due to the floods and require emergency boarding, we will cover the cost of that emergency boarding," he said.

“We know how much Australians love and care for their pets which is why we want them to have a safe place to stay at this difficult time,” said Mr Koczkar. “We are thinking of all those across NSW and Qld that have been impacted by the flood emergency and encourage them to speak to us if they need support.”