Medibank and Healthscope annnounce a 'strengthened' partnership

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Medibank and Healthscope have announced a strengthened partnership that aims to drive innovation in patient care, outcomes and experience.

Medibank chief customer officer Milosh Milisavljevic said, “Our customers are looking to us to provide greater choice, better access and more value in their healthcare."

“We recognise the past few years have been challenging for private hospitals and it’s never been more important for all parts of the health system to work together to address these challenges to keep private health affordable and build a pathway to a sustainable future,” said Mr Milisavljevic.

Healthscope chief commercial officer Dhruv Gupta said the company welcomed the opportunity to collaborate further with Medibank.

“Medibank and Healthscope have had a longstanding relationship, and today’s announcement represents good news for patients,” said Mr Gupta.

“The private health sector plays a critical role in providing care to millions of Australians each year, and we recognise the need to develop models that will deliver affordable, sustainable and high-quality care for patients. The past several years have been challenging for the sector, and we look forward to working with Medibank on initiatives that progress towards this common goal.”

Mr Milisavljevic added the strengthened partnership reflects Medibank’s evolving relationship with private hospitals.

“Cost pressures and the growing health needs of Australia’s ageing population calls for new approaches. Our partnerships with hospital groups such as Healthscope are an important step in this direction,” he said.