Major change coming for Department of Health leadership

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It is expected secretary Glenys Beauchamp will announce a significant change to the Department of Health's leadership.

The change will see the departure of a key figure for the private health sector to another department. The announcement may include also include other changes.

The area responsible for private health and the pricing of insurance has undergone significant change in recent years.

It was recreated as the 'Technology, Assessment and Access' Division. It includes policy responsibility for the PBS and private health insurance. It also includes the Office of Health Technology Assessment, which is designed to act as an 'administrative hub' for the department's health technology assessment committees, including PBAC, the Medical Services Advisory Committee and Prostheses List Advisory Committee.

The 'Technology, Assessment and Access' Division is part of 'Health Financing' led by deputy secretary Mark Cormack. It also includes the Medical Benefits Division and 'Provider Benefits Integrity'.