Lung physicians welcome Albanese government's move against e-cigarettes

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The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) has welcomed the Albanese government's reform of access to e-cigarettes as a "landmark win for Australian lung health."

Earlier this week, health minister Mark Butler announced the plan to impose new controls on the importation of e-cigarettes, enforce a ban on unlawful distribution of nicotine-containing products, and changes to the prescription-only model.

TSANZ CEO Vincent So said, “For nine years, the Coalition was unable to enact sensible health policy regarding e-cigarettes because the Nationals are the only major party to still accept donations from big tobacco. Whereas, the Albanese Government has banned recreational e-cigarettes in less than one year of Government.”

“Banning non-prescription e-cigarette imports - including those without nicotine, implementing basic quality control measures and plain packaging requirements, restricting nicotine concentrations, flavour options, and banning all single-use disposable e-cigarettes, these measures are all critical if we want to get on top of nicotine addiction in this country,” said TSANZ President Professor Anne Holland.

“Now that the hard decisions have been made, it’s time to get on with the work to protect the lung health of Australians,” continued Professor Holland. “These changes will help protect Australian’s lungs for decades to come, steer young generations away from nicotine addiction, and free up the health system from the greatest burden of preventable disease in Australia.”