Labor launches another PHI survey

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Labor has launched a survey about private health insurance, describing it as the first stage in its consultation process on costs.

The survey is a short questionnaire under the title 'people not profits'. The questions are a combination of background and what you would expect from a survey with that title.

According to shadow health minister Catherine King, "We are giving the public the first say and launching a national conversation about how we strengthen private health insurance and shift the balance back in favour of everyday Australians.

"The national survey – launched today at – is the first stage of Labor’s consultation process on private health insurance costs."

Labor has already announced that, if elected, it will impose a two percent cap on premium increases for two years and commission the Productivity Commission to conduct an inquiry into the private health insurance industry.

It is not the first time a major political party has solicited consumer feedback on private health insurance.

Former health minister Sussan Ley announced a similar survey in 2015, just as the combined impact of a series of policy changes were starting to hit consumers, with upward pressure on premiums and thousands of people downgrading their cover.

Private Healthcare Australia said Labor's survey was simply a repeat of Sussan Ley's and that it was just "soliciting complaints" rather than developing sound policy that addressed the cause of cost pressures.

"PHA will continue with its evidence-based approach of commissioning real, properly conducted research to address the considerable consumer issues created by rising health costs," it said.