HealthBank launches as new practitioner platform

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HealthBank has been launched as the first online platform in Australia to combine practice management with virtual consultations.

The new cloud-based telehealth software allows allied health practitioners to manage their business. It has improved and streamlined the consultation, payments and treatment process for both the practitioner and patient and is designed to make it simple, efficient and secure.

According to founder Robbie Clark, the purpose of HealthBank is to change the way preventative healthcare is delivered and improve the availability and accessibility of high-quality health services.

I wanted to develop a system that sets a new standard for the future of healthcare and provide a digital alternative to traditional brick and mortar clinics. A platform that provides greater compliance and better preventative care. But most importantly, allows practitioners to build the business they want,said Clark.

HealthBank enables practitioners to set up and build their online clinic. The platform will also support their business with automated systems and marketing.

“After listening to my fellow peers, I saw a gap in the market where I could streamline practice management and virtual consultations all in one, creating a platform that improves the overall patient experience and assists practitioners with the day to day running of their business,” said Clark.

HealthBank allows practitioners to file official medical records and test results securely, as well as upload personalised treatment programs and monitor their patients’ health from within the platform.