Health department one of the first federal agencies to face 'capability review'

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The Department of Health and Aged Care will be one of the first agencies to be reviewed under the federal government's new capability framework.

Finance and public service minister Senator Katy Gallagher recently announced the reintroduction of capability reviews as part of the federal government's wider agenda for reform of the Australian Public Service (APS) which also includes a greater focus on integrity and transparency.

The capability reviews will be undertaken by the APS Commission.

In October, Senator Gallagher said they "will start as pilots, providing independent and transparent reviews of a select number of departments and agencies."

In an interview with The Canberra Times, APS commissioner Peter Woolcott and Public Sector Reform secretary Dr Gordon de Brouwer said the Health and Infrastructure departments will be amongst the first agencies reviewed.

Mr Woolcott said the new reviews will look at the ability of agencies to deliver the government's agenda, how well they work with other portfolios and jurisdictions, and the behaviours of their leaders.

Dr de Brouwer said the review will focus on the behaviours of senior bureaucrats and other officials to reflect the government's goal of the APS as a model employer.

"My personal view would be we don't have enough respectful behaviour within the public service," he told The Canberra Times.