HCF teams up with Tresillian for 'SleepWellBaby' app

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HCF has teamed up with Tresillian to develop a new app-based program, called SleepWellBaby, that is designed to help parents of newborns and toddlers up to 3 years draw gain confidence in their roles as mums and dads.

Tresillian is a 100-year-old not-for-profit child and family health organisation. HCF has backed development of the app by digital health company Sleepfit.

Parents can use the app to access a range of features, including a digital version of the Tresillian residential-stay program, sleep and settling tips, breastfeeding and nutrition advice, as well as customisable baby planning and tracking tools to help monitor their child’s progress.

Tresillian CEO Robert Mills said the app draws on the team’s experience of assisting almost 60,000 Australian families every year.

“We’re thrilled to be able to open our evidenced-based programs to families across Australia and beyond. The SleepWellBaby app is a welcome addition to our expanding portfolio of services across NSW, Victoria and the ACT – and as of today, everywhere else!”

Development of the app drew on feedback from 600 families. Sleepfit CEO and founder Melissa Webster said it could be a confidence-builder for parents struggling with settling, sleep and developing a daily rhythm that is right for their child.

“Tresillian’s early parenting programs have transformed hundreds of thousands of lives – including mine,” said Ms Webster.

“Having had first-hand experience, it became a passion and priority for me to combine Tresillian’s expertise with Sleepfit’s medical and digital expertise to create the SleepWellBaby app. I’m thrilled to be able to take the program to babies and parents all over the world.”

HCF CEO Sheena Jack said supporting the development of the app is part of the insurer’s commitment to providing 'Uncommon Care' by investing in innovative solutions that lead to better member experiences and health outcomes.

“We know that having a newborn is an amazing time in your life but, on occasion, it can be a little tough - especially when it comes to sleep. That's why we've partnered with Tresillian and Sleepfit to develop SleepWellBaby. We believe this app can empower new parents by offering them much needed support during this exciting but daunting time,” said Ms Jack.

The first 700 HCF members to download the app and register an account will receive access to the SleepWellBaby ‘Once for All’ program through the app free of charge.