HCF members sourcing information on fees

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HCF says more than 25,000 of its members have accessed information on fees charged by individual health providers using its out-of-pocket costs digital tool.

The insurer launched the new platform in February. It provides information on over 210 common procedures based on HCF claims data and is designed to assist the insurer's members to avoid or minimise gap payments.

"From its launch on 21 February to end April more than 27,000 HCF members viewed health provider details with more than 25,000 searching for procedure fees. The most common procedure gaps viewed were for cataract removal and lens replacement, colonoscopy and related treatments, knee and hip replacement and childbirth," said HCF in a statement.

According to HCF chief medical officer, Dr Andrew Cottrill, “Fees can vary widely between medical specialists and it is difficult for consumers to make informed decisions when selecting healthcare providers. By launching this platform, we have empowered our members to make decisions with a greater awareness of the potential out of pockets costs they may face.”

HCF has also made the data available to general practitioners via their clinical software to help inform discussions with its members.

“It is great to see our members using this valuable on-line resource to support them in choosing their specialist,” said Dr Cottrill.