HCF joins Members Health

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HCF has joined Members Health, the representative group of not-for-profit, member-owned, regional and community-based private health insurers.

“Members health before profit is our guiding philosophy. The size and scope of our alliance – with 27 health funds that are part of a not-for-profit group and cover more than 3 million lives, equip us with a trusted and strong voice in helping shape healthcare policy” said Members Health CEO Mathew Koce.

“We are proud to have HCF, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund join Members Health. They bring more than 1.6 million Australian lives covered to Members Health. They also bring a fantastic reputation of being a truly member focussed company. We look forward to working together to ensure Australians get the best healthcare they can”.

“Members Health funds represent 28 per cent of the private health insurance market, and together continue to grow well above the pace of the rest of the industry as more and more consumers are drawn to their exceptional quality of cover, high levels of customer satisfaction and member-first philosophy. HCF alone grew more than eight times the industry average over the 2018-19 period.”

According to CEO Sheena Jack, “HCF is Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund as well as the third-largest private health insurer in Australia. Joining Members Health was a perfect fit for us, as both organisations are passionate about putting members first.”

“We look forward to working with Members Health to ensure the not-for-profit sector has a strong voice in the Australian private health insurance market,” she added.

HCF remains a member of Private Healthcare Australia.

“Members Health funds are run for people, not for profits, which means they can give more back to their members,” continued Mr Koce. “It is great to see that the not-for-profit business model is resonating with Australian families and that more people are enjoying the benefits that come from being with a Members Health fund.”