HCF and Ramsay announce collaboration to develop new care models

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HCF and private hospital operator Ramsay Health Care have announced a new five-year collaboration.

In a statement, HCF said the Hospital Purchaser Provider Agreement demonstrates a deep commitment from both parties to "jointly deliver models of care that will offer significant long-term benefits to HCF members accessing Ramsay services and help to ensure the ongoing sustainability and affordability of Australia’s private health sector."

It said it is the first time in Australia that a private health insurer and a private hospital operator have embarked on a strategic collaboration for a period of five years.

CEO and managing director Sheena Jack said the relationship would support the growth and sustainability of both organisations while delivering long-term benefits for HCF members.

“This isn’t a short-term, transactional deal," she said.

"This strategic collaboration will provide the opportunity to explore the needs of HCF members through a caring and progressive healthcare provider with certainty that we will be able to jointly deliver effective, sustainable models of care that put the patient first.

“Over the coming years we will work closely with Ramsay to further demonstrate our commitment to fostering collaborative relationships with our hospital provider network,” added Ms Jack.

As part of the collaboration, HCF and Ramsay will convene a Joint Management Committee to deliver service models that reflect changing consumer needs.

Ramsay CEO Carmel Monaghan said HCF had recognised the benefits of providing care in the home and committed to new funding models to ensure its members have access to a wider range of treatment options to suit their individual needs.

“We are pleased to announce that HCF members will now be covered for two Rehabilitation at Home programs through our rapidly expanding hospital in-the-home service called Ramsay Connect,” said Ms Monaghan.

“One is a Joint Replacement Rehabilitation at Home Program to support the recovery of patients undergoing surgery such as knee and hip replacements. The other is a Reconditioning Rehabilitation at Home Program for patients including those who have had a recent cardiopulmonary episode or have functional deterioration due to an exacerbated chronic condition.

Ms Monaghan said both programs offer eligible patients unlimited inbound and outbound care coordination and support for up to six weeks, including clinical and support services as required.

“The services are tailored around the individual to ensure they are delivered at the right intensity and frequency, according to the patient’s care plan, clinical presentation and risk profile.

“We are really pleased to have collaborated with HCF on an agreement that recognises the increased costs hospitals are facing and will help to achieve better-coordinated care with great outcomes for patients.”