HCF adopts Chemo@Home for members

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Private health insurer HCF is backing a Perth-based company that administers home-based chemotherapy and other medical infusions.

Chemo@Home is Australia’s leading provider of home-based infusion treatments. It provides the same treatment plan as if they were in a hospital with a registered nurse bringing the relevant equipment, medicines, and remaining with the patient for the duration of their session.

The company provides infusion services in the home for medicines treating a range of cancers, including breast cancer and lymphoma, neutropenia, as well as osteoporosis, arthritis and iron deficiency.

Chemo@Home recently graduated from the HCF Catalyst program.

The program, now in its fourth year, is designed to support innovation in health care by providing funding and hands-on resources to some of the country's most promising new business models.

HCF is now offering Chemo@Home to all members with hospital cover that includes chemotherapy, with no out of pocket cost.

Originally available to WA, SA VIC residents only, Chemo@Home will be rolling out service in NSW through the support of HCF’s member network starting this week.

Medibank also recently announced its own trials of an 'at home' program. Its program trials cover a range of services, including chemotherapy.