HBF starts returning $110 million in COVID-19 savings to its members

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HBF has started returning approximately $110 million in COVID-19 savings to its members.

The company said payments range from $45 for singles holding an extras-only policy and up to $330 for families holding a hospital and extras policy.

HBF CEO Dr Lachlan Henderson said, “We hope these payments help support our members at a time when Australian households are dealing with rising cost-of-living challenges.

“The payments are part of HBF’s commitment that as a not-for-profit, member-based organisation we would not financially benefit from the pandemic, with COVID-19 support provided to HBF members now totalling more than $255 million.

“We are returning this round of claims savings via a cash payment, after our members told us in surveys they would prefer the simplicity of having the money directly in their bank accounts rather than returned via premium increase deferrals.”

HBF announced in March 2023 that members who held an eligible active policy on 1 March 2023 and remained with HBF when payments were made would receive the cash payments.