HBF looking for members in the eastern states

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A significant move for WA-based health insurer HBF with the company launching its first even campaign designed to attract members in the eastern states.

Over half of all Western Australians with private health insurance are covered by HBF.

It is Australia's fifth-largest health insurer and the second-largest not-for-profit fund. Yet just 10 per cent of HBF members live outside Western Australia.

In its new campaign, HBF is targeting prospective members in the eastern states with creative featuring a group of WA marsupials - quokkas. 

According to CEO John Van Der Wielen, “We know many Australians are feeling jaded when it comes to health insurance. They’re worried about affordability, anxious about out of pocket costs, and are feeling less than loved by the big insurers that dominate in most states.

“We’re a not-for-profit fund that’s had exceptionally low premium increases, offers first rate health cover and has the highest member approval of any of the major funds.

“We’re certain the campaign will attract attention and we really want people to look at our track record. We’re a major fund that has stayed true to our original purpose; taking care of our members.”

Mr Van Der Wielen said the insurer had spent the last two years optimising its product offering, reducing costs and addressing any shortcomings in its member service.

“We’ve spent two years getting really fit, responsive and competitive and now we’re ready to offer a better alternative nationwide,” he said.